Infusing Life into Blank Canvases, One Brush Stroke at a Time

Transform your Texas urban landscape, home, or commercial spaces into a captivating work of art that inspires and delights.

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Giving Walls Life

Muralist in Texas

Meet Odessa Helm - a talented mural artist known for her vibrant, handpainted mural artwork that's larger than life. Just like Texas!

Odessa’s work adds value to every space, elevating it from an ordinary environment to a place of inspiration and connection.

Whether it's for a public space, a commercial space, or a private home, Odessa Helm Art murals transform the mundane into the magnificent.

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Mural Painting

Dive into the vibrant world of Odessa Helm's hand-painted murals, where every wall tells a story that captures the imagination and stirs the soul.



Transform public spaces. From bustling urban areas to quiet corners, your mural painting will become an iconic landmark that will bring people together and enliven your community.


Bring your home to life. Whether it's a charming bedroom mural or a hand-painted bedroom mural, Odessa can create custom wall art that reflects your style and personality.


Enhance your corporate & commercial space with a captivating hand-painted mural by Odessa Helm, so your workplace will reflect your company's unique brand and values.

Your Space

Looking to make a statement with a bold, eye-catching mural? Odessa Helm can create striking graphic art tailor-made to suit your vision and space.

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Mural Artist
in Texas

Odessa prides herself on a meticulous process that combines traditional hand-painting techniques with modern sensibilities.

In-Person Consultation

We begin with a consultation to understand your vision, space, and desired theme.

Digital Design

Odessa will create three custom digital proofs of your mural for you to choose from.

Brush Painting

Odessa Helm hand-paints your mural from your proof with dedication and artistic flair.

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Why Odessa Helm for Hand-Painted Murals?

Artistic Excellence

With years of experience as a professional muralist, Odessa Helm's work is known for its artistry, creativity, and attention to detail.

Hand-Painted Quality

Every mural is hand-painted by Odessa Helm herself, giving it a unique and personal touch that stands out from digitally-printed options.


From concept to completion, your mural is customized to fit your style, space, and vision.

Community Impact

Odessa Helm's public art has become an integral part of communities, bringing joy, conversation, and inspiration to countless people.

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Odessa Helm Art

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Are you ready to turn your walls into stunning works of art? Contact Odessa Helm today to schedule a consultation and embark on an artistic journey that will transform your space.

Odessa is based out of Rusk, TX, but travels all over East Texas and Texas.

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