Odessa Helm Art is where creativity knows no boundaries and imagination knows no limits.

Founded by Odessa Helm, a muralist with a talent for turning blank walls into extraordinary masterpieces, Odessa is driven by passion, artistry, and a commitment to bringing stories to life.

In every mural Odessa creates, she seeks to capture the essence of the moment and the emotion of the space. Her artworks are not just paintings on walls; they are windows into worlds of inspiration, transformation, and elevation. With a keen eye for detail and an intuitive understanding of color and composition, Odessa brings a unique perspective to every project.

Whether it's a personal residential space, a public art installation, or a corporate environment, Odessa Helm Art approaches each project with a fresh vision and an open mind.

Odessa works closely with our clients, taking the time to understand your needs, ideas, and goals. With every brushstroke, she aims to create a connection, inspire emotion, and leave a lasting impact.

Odessa believes that murals have the power to transform spaces and uplift the human spirit.

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