Odessa Helm

Meet Odessa Helm, a talented artist known for creating large, colorful murals by hand.

Through her work, she enhances every space, transforming it from a mundane setting to a source of inspiration and connection.

Odessa makes spaces inspiring and connecting rather than ordinary.

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Mural Painter in Tyler, TX

Explore the colorful universe of Odessa Helm's hand-painted murals, where each wall narrates a tale that ignites the imagination and moves the heart.



Add a vibrant mural to a public space to create a landmark and bring people together. Odessa paints in any setting, from urban areas to quiet corners.


Get personalized custom pieces for your home with Odessa. From bedroom murals to hand-painted designs, showcase your unique style and personality.


Enhance your corporate space with a captivating hand-painted mural by Odessa Helm, so your workplace will reflect your company's unique brand and values.

Transform Your Space

Looking to make a statement with a bold, eye-catching mural? Odessa Helm can create striking graphic art tailor-made to suit your vision and space. You can take your design to the next level with a wrap.

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Hand-Painted Mural Art in Tyler

Odessa prides herself on a meticulous process that combines traditional hand-painting techniques with modern sensibilities.

In-Person Consultation

We begin with a consultation to understand your vision, space, and desired theme.

Digital Design

Odessa will create three custom digital proofs of your mural for you to choose from.

Brush Painting

Odessa Helm hand-paints your mural from your proof with dedication and artistic flair.

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Odessa Helm Art

For hand-painted murals that make your space memorable, contact Odessa Helms Art.

Contact Odessa Helm now to set up a chat, and start your creative journey together.

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